Media cabinet

Year: 2015

This cabinet was designed specifically for a home in the south of France — Cap Ferrat. It was covered in silk wallpaper handpainted with coral-like forms on the two green sides to evoke the sea theme present throughout the home. The panelling has been treated with a lime plaster finish to give it a sea washed look.

The top is coated in resin for stability and gloss where it will be used the most. The brass rings are hand hammered and finished with a bronzing technique to age them. Bronzed brass is also used for the cabinet’s structural outline. The cabinet has been designed to fit the space perfectly as an ocean wonders inspired luxurious accent with the sea washed colors and bronzed brass while remaining a practical piece with it’s durable resin top surface and strong brass structure.

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Projects where the media cabinet is used: From the sea (Cap Ferrat, Nice, France).