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The most important choice a person will make when building or restoring their home, is the architect. The person who will share their dream, and years of their life. They will witness fights over the placement of the kitchen, the surprising emotion of choosing a fabric, the gasp when you see your vi...

Age is the essential element of every project James Cavagnari touches. There is an elegance, a particular beauty achieved only when a material stands through time, gaining soul and depth where shallow aesthetics would fade. For Cavagnari, a home is a person, and he designs them to become more captiv...

Whether he is designing a reconstruction or a new, contemporary house, the science of Cavagnari’s process is the same. He must discover the project’s personality before he can envision how it will be captured. Take Villa Cupolino, a breathtaking 14th-century villa overlooking the city of Florenc...

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