Bulgari on View

Years: 2005—2007

A former Ferragamo executive who was familiar with Prima Design’s previous work invited us to participate in a competition to create Bulgari’s new visual merchandising. Our work was selected out of many submissions due to some inspiration from James’ young daughter.

James was brainstorming when his daughter came to him with a stone with a leaf and flower balanced on top. By looking at the flower resting on the rock and leaf, he conceptualized a series of easy implementable solutions that presented the jewel just as that — a flower powerfully highlighted by a stone background.

The stone became a stone slab, the leaf a tray, and the flower was the jewelry.

As the design developed further, they had to adjust to use resin for the stones so it could survive shipping and the leaf became a clip on a silk tray to hold the jewelry. In the end, it was strong a stone-like background with jewelry placed and held together by delicate and elegant materials like silk and leather.