An Urban Escape

Moscow city center, Russia. Year: 2008

The project is in the center of Moscow, on the 14th floor and in a new building along the river.

The apartment was sold without any walls — only columns. The clients were avid art collectors and wanted a place to display and integrate all their different artwork that they’ve collected in a modern yet comfortable home.

The challenge was to create a dynamic space that could be changed and adapted to the needs of the family as they needed while being a worthy showcase of their collected artwork. The clients also asked Prima Design to maximize on all the height that they could.

Everything was designed around the atrium, which became the beating heart of the home. The atrium is the central point that all the rooms revolve around and can access. Due to the way that the apartment was built, there was a large dark space toward the center, by the elevator. With design elements such as dividing the large rectangle of the home by a series of sliding doors, Prima Design was better able to light the area and flip dark areas into active spaces.

The sliding doors created a transparency from the fireplace that looks into the living room and could connect living, dining, and family rooms and be a very open space. Additionally, the walls are slightly sloped towards the outside like a cone, rather than the typical 90 degree angle to bring in additional natural light.

Throughout the home, there is a play of contrast between a high polish and different textures as evident through the materials and furniture chosen. The chandelier used in the atrium is by Stella McCartney for Hudson Furniture. The sculptural sofa is by Zaha Hadid and all the corridors are covered with Ralph Lauren fabrics. Brown silk was used on the walls in the living room. The dining table in the living room was designed by Prima Design using hand hammered brass and lacquered glass. Sofas and chairs are by Baxter. Dining chairs are by Prememoria.

The inspiration for the striped flooring came from the sacristy of the Santo Spirito church in Florence, Italy.